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What is Activate?

Activate offers high-tech games that test your team’s physical and mental agility across a wide variety of real-life challenges. Once inside, you and your team choose from hundreds of combinations of games and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes. Your electronic wristband tracks your score and progress throughout your experience making Activate perfect for a casual night out or intense competition.

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From touch-activated climbing walls to laser mazes, this live-action experience caters to all skill levels, ages 10 and up. With 75 minutes inside our gaming arena, groups of three to five will experience action, competition, strategy and pure fun. Check out our 10 different micro-arenas below and begin planning your next visit to Activate, America’s first live-action gaming experience.
In Arena, you are tasked with hitting hexagon targets on the wall with dodgeballs. Each game involves a combination of memorization, and speed. Accuracy is key, avoid hitting red targets to obtain the highest score!
Players are required to travel across a room covered in touch-sensitive handholds that change colours throughout the game. You must make your way across the wall using the safe green holds, avoiding the red and activating the blue. Strategically cross without falling to complete the level.
The grid consists of 256 pressure-sensitive tiles that light up in a variety of colours. Step on or avoid certain ones to complete the level. You will need to use agility, strategy and teamwork to complete these games.
Aim at the baskets that light up in a variety of different colors and patterns. Players will need to score on specific baskets, memorize sequences, or answer trivia questions in this room’s games.
Carefully maneuver your way back and forth through a changing sequence of lasers. Each stage has a limited amount of time for you to cross to the safe zone on the other side. Avoid tripping a laser beam to achieve the highest score.
Pipes is a game of communication and coordination. Toss a ball around the divided room while identifying which pipe to correctly put the ball in. Once the game starts, you only have 5 seconds to put the ball in the next pipe!
In this room you will be surrounded by walls of multi-colored buttons. Hit buttons to complete patterns in order to clear the stage. Games involve strategy, memorization, and communication.
Super Grid
An upgrade on the popular Grid room design, with twice the tiles and the addition of 17 light-up buttons. Complete a variety of challenges requiring agility, pattern-matching, and teamwork.
Shoot lit up targets with a laser gun in a series of stages. Players must use a combination of skills including accuracy, memorization, and teamwork. The faster you can complete each stage the higher score you will receive.
Hide consists of 26 neopixel boards with associated buttons, players must race around the room while completing given sequences. Use the stationary pillars to avoid being detected by four large, motion-sensing eyes to complete each level.
Super Grid

Games at Activate

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Play these 1-3 minute private games with your team of 2-5 players.

How to Prepare

75 minutes
$25 plus tax per person
recommended for ages 10+
Clean, dry flat-footed shoes
(running shoes recommended)
2-5 players: play as many 1-3 minute private games as you can in the 75 minutes.
6 or more players: create multiple teams and switch up as often as you like.

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Frequently Asked

What is the cost?

The cost is $25 plus tax per player.

A credit card is required to place the deposit for your booking: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit or American Express are accepted. You may pay with debit, credit card, or cash on the day of the event.

How many players can I bring?

A minimum group of 2 people is needed to play. Games are played in groups of 2-5, but if you have 6 or more people, no problem! You can split into smaller groups and switch players at any time once in the gaming area.

At this time, we do not offer a program that would match groups of less than 2 with other players.

What is the age requirement to play?

The games have been designed for adults, and therefore will be physically and mentally challenging for anybody under the age of 10. Activate requires a paid adult to be in the games at all times with children 10 years old and younger (this rule does not apply to school groups). For children between the ages of 11-13, an adult must be present at the facility throughout the entire gaming experience.

Please note, the paid adult counts towards your team of 2-5. If your group exceeds the size limit, you will be asked to split into smaller groups and an additional adult will be required in each grouping.

How do I book?

Booking is available both online and over the phone. A deposit of $25 plus tax is required to book. We can also take walk-ins, but recommend booking in advance as we can not guarantee an immediate game time.

What Everyone's Saying

Reviews from our Customers

Sarah Kirtland

Wow! My group had so much fun here. The variety of games and different difficulty settings made the experience very personal and adaptable. We especially enjoyed Trench and Lasers. The staff was super friendly and helpful in explaining how the games worked. The lockers made it very easy to store any belongings. Another cool aspect is the wristbands, which allow players to track their points during the games. I was impressed by how easy it was to move room to room. We will definitely be returning in the future!

Zac Brown

This place is incredible! We went with a group of friends for my wife’s birthday and we all had a blast! All the games are unique and interactive! Make sure you wear clothes that you can be active in because you'll definitely work up a sweat!

Shawn Wilkie

We took a large group (17 people) here for New Year's, ranging in age from 12-50. Everyone had a great time...the games were physically challenging but accessible, and each group/team found their favorites that they wanted to Level Up in. Be prepared to sweat and have a fun time together. Highly recommend, and look forward to returning for another go sometime soon.

Audrey McGraw

This. Place. Is. Freaking. Awesome. I had so much fun. 75 minutes is the perfect amount of time. The Trench room was my favorite, having to shoot targets and dip duck dive and dodge to get to the other side of the trench. I want to do this every weekend!!